A number of superb pieces, local specialities that Ishikawa Prefecture can take pride in


Numerous handicrafts originating from the culture of the "Kaga Hyakumangoku" and handed down through generations, radiate with the skills of the traditional artisan. "Wajima-nuri" is handcrafted lacquerware, a very thorough process requiring more than 100 steps. "Kutani-yaki" is a world-famous Japanese porcelain. The elegant kimono "Kaga yuzen" is imbued with beautiful natural vitality. "Kaga mizuhiki zaiku" is popular as a delicate and elegant accessory. Finally, gold leaf gilding, with the largest production in Japan, is used not only for various handicrafts, but also for making cosmetics and sweets.

A wealth of gourmet food

On top of the many flavors of Japanese sweets and tea that have been passed down through generations, our food products are also highly recommended: seafood products using the freshest seafood, meat products made from beef and pork, fermented foods using koji, as well as fermented seasonings such as soy sauce and miso (soybean paste). Finally, don't miss the local sake of Ishikawa, made at various sake breweries.

Many specially selected products are available at the Ishikawa antenna shop in Tokyo, so please drop by for a touch of Ishikawa.